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Private Label Marketing

Private label marketing involves pre-ordering products to be made by another, but your company name is displayed on the packaging, . It is how a large portion of pour retail stores are stocked, generic brands are a version of private labeling. 

Jenns Blends offers a wide variety of SPICE  & CSNDY BLENDS that can be sold with your name on them!

Great for augment sales in your store, restaurant or trade shows!

Awesome for Advertising, Spice Blends are way more memorable than a business card!

Works great for Fundraising, put your teams name on a bag of candy!

Proudly Made in Saskatchewan

I have always enjoyed experimenting with flavors in the kitchen. Becoming a young mother I had to learn how to provide meals in a hurry and on a budget. Growing our own food in the garden was just the beginning. Learning how to preserve the garden harvest came with a lot of trial and error. I took a liking to dehydrating everything! Once I had an abundance of dried produce, I started exploring different spice blends. No better way to change up a boring meal plan then with different spice blends. I developed a few key blends that have saved me so much time and money in the kitchen. I started offering my blends at markets in 2015. Thanks to a wonderful customer base, my blends are available in stores and online.

Jennifer Frederiksen  

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